What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life-force Energy and is an ancient healing technique that promotes the health and well being of all living beings and creatures.

It dates back to many civilizations such as ancient Tibet, India and Egypt.

Dr Mikao Usui rediscovered it in the early 1900’s after reading an ancient sutra written in Sanskrit. He was then succeeded by Dr Chujiro Hayashi. Finally, it was Grand Master Teacher Mrs Hawayo Takata that introduced the teachings to the western world.

Reiki is applied with simple hands-on techniques and positions depending on individual requirements, creating inner harmony. It can alleviate feelings and symptoms of anxiety, stress and discomfort.

A variety of Treatments are available to suit your needs.

Please choose or ask for guidance. Sessions range from 30 to 90 minutes . Please note that not all treatments are available as distant treatments. 

What variety of Reiki Treatments are available?

30 Minute Sessions:

  • The Cosmic Bliss Bath – brings peace to the mind and balances the emotional and mental levels into harmony.
  • The Pure Bliss Chakra Session – boosts the endocrine system by balancing the lower and higher chakras.
  • Chakra Energy Session – this powerful treatment balances all 7 chakras bringing inner peace, harmony and energy.
  • Dai Ko Mio – brings more light into the higher energy centres of your being, the spiritual levels of consciousness- i.e. the crown, third eye and throat chakras.
  • Throat-to-Coccyx & Crown-to-Coccyx Session – highlights the throat to improve self-expression and communication, allowing truth to flow through the spinal column and your entire being.
  • The Divine Heart – gently opens and expands the heart centre, awakening feelings of unconditional love, joy and Divine peace.
  • Combination Session – illuminates the heart and mind to allow you to see and speak your truth.
  • The Gateway Linking Session – brings your Divinity through all levels of your being.

The Complete Reiki Session…………………………………………60 / 90 minute sessionThis full treatment balances your entire body, mind and spirit. It covers 16 body positions from head to toe, front & back. This incredibly blissful session brings harmony and balance to all levels of your being and is available by distant.


How is Reiki applied?

Reiki is applied with gentle hand positions and techniques over areas that require healing.

Why is Reiki beneficial?

Reiki helps restore harmony and inner peace. It reduces symptoms of anxiety, stress and discomfort. When your mind and body relaxes then you are sending the same message to your entire being and allowing for healing to take place.

Will I receive the same results from a distance treatment as a face-to-face session?

You will experience the same blissful results in person as you would via a distance treatment. However, not all of the shorter treatments are available as distance options.

Are you ready to expand your consciousness; to increase the power of positive energy; and allow for more universal love light frequency to enter your being? If your answer is YES or the feeling resonates with you then contact me for the next available appointment and join my mail list for future workshops.

* 432Hz Miracle Tone

* Take 3 slow deep full breaths, close your eyes and allow this 432Hz Miracle Tone to fill you with positive vibes and golden love light frequency.