Art Play for Children :)

0 to 18 years of age

Transpersonal Art Therapy is a wonderful creative tool that assists children (and adults) in dealing with anxiety, depression, and other challenges – such as body image, bullying and grief.

Feelings of worry, nervousness, unease, despondency, low self-esteem, inadequacy or guilt can lead to disturbances in sleep, appetite or generally have a negative impact on their overall health. 

Transpersonal Art Therapy creates moments of relaxation, joy and self discovery. It is a Holistic approach that focuses on the child’s mental, emotional, spiritual, social and physical well-being. 

My processes help by mindfully slowing down the experience, providing support and space to allow for self-awareness and growth to take place and to assist the child’s understanding of the emotional response. ‘A-ha’ moments can be created during therapeutic art play and this assists in building self-esteem.

Children learn effortlessly and without added pressure during Art Play.

The creative process also blends well with other therapeutic modalities, providing your child with harmonious, supportive care.

I also offer Reiki treatments if and when required, which assists in balancing energies. All children respond well to this non-evasive approach. I have used treatments to assist with anxiety and depression in both primary schoolers and teenagers.

I have always been passionate about helping children and it has mostly been through Art Play. I spent a few years working at Boundary Lane Children’s Centre in Darlington with 0-5 year olds. My favourite moments were always centred around art and play as I witnessed little ones learning and developing fine and gross motor skills.

I have also been fortunate enough to become an aunt to 6 wonderful nephews and one niece. One guess what we mostly did together when they were little?

I completed my Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy in 2013 and began my private practice. I showcased my skills at both the Careers Expo with my colleagues and solo at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Darling Harbour in 2017.

Currently, I also assist as the Administration Officer for an Australian Children’s not-for-profit organisation.

So – hopefully I’ve managed to answer many of your questions, concerns or curiosities. I invite you to contact me if you would like more information.


More Food For Thought…

By now you will have noticed the uniqueness of today’s children. Each generation brings more opportunities for expanding the awareness of our local communities and of Mother Earth as a whole. Yes, we learn wisdom from the experienced, older generations but we must also remember to acknowledge and integrate the light that comes from younger generations. Dismissing the brilliance that they have to offer is a crime.

We have the opportunity and responsibility to nurture, support and protect these pure souls that are being birthed into our world. I see parents and guardians trying their best to provide an incredible life for their children. However, in doing so they jeopardise the amount of time actually spent interacting and creating meaningful moments together. Whilst technology is an incredible tool that assists our day-to-day lives, it’s also crucial that we unplug from the ‘virtual world’ and connect to the natural world and to each other.

Many are experiencing spiritual awakening – and not many parents understand how to approach, let alone support these episodes. Unfortunately, most are taught to forget their innate gifts either with medication or ‘busy-ness’. The child then begins to develop ways of coping with their uniqueness – feeling misunderstood, unseen, unheard and essentially unloved for all that they are and came to be in their lifetime.

We have the opportunity to help them awaken to wholeness while they are young instead of creating blocks which they then have to unpack and attempt to resolve in their adulthood.

Adama & His Guidance Into The Higher Dimensions

Mehroo Fitter:  

Adama~ ❤ Many people falsely believe they are on a high spiritual path by taking drugs.

Those who think they are on a high spiritual path by taking drugs because they experience an altered state do not realize that these experiences take them to lower levels of the astral plane. What they experience is a far cry from the joy and ecstasy of the etheric planes, the dwelling place of higher consciousness. There is a distinct difference between the astral plane and the realms of light. The etheric plane begins to be experienced, to some extent, at the higher levels of the fourth dimension, and then much more fully in the fifth dimension and beyond.

The astral plane is rightly called the plane of duality, relativity and spiritual unconsciousness where there is little or no light. All that one perceives is distorted and fragmented compared to the realms of light. In the astral plane, truth and divinity are no longer understood. It is also considered a giant pool for all the unfulfilled desires and negative emotions of mankind that have been created in separation from God. Consider it a place of great illusion. More often than not, it creates the illusion of a world containing beauty and pleasure that seduce souls away from their intended soul path. It projects all the deceptions of the human consciousness, at times very well camouflaged, and creates the appearance of something better than it actually is. The astral plane is always devious, distorted, alluring and deceitful.

The astral plane is comprised of different levels, from the highest level to the lowest, which some of you refer to as “the bottom of the pit.” Until the astral plane is clear of human negativity, the vibrations will prevent anyone from reaching the etheric planes. Thus, drug use can never bring an experience of light unless the right substances carrying the right vibrations are used “appropriately.” In your present world, children of my heart, the former sacred plants are either very rare or extinct.

The younger children of this generation are very brilliant and psychic. They know when they are told the truth and when they are deceived. They are born with higher levels of perception than most presently incarnated. Many of them who read our information will be able to recognize the truth of it and embrace it fully. Unfortunately, only some enlightened writings about the spiritual consequences of drug abuse have been published, but most of this information has eluded you or been suppressed.

The children of the world, young and old, need this information. Please spread the word; it is of the utmost importance. Many parents are not well prepared for their parenting roles and thus are too complacent with their children. Often they are too busy with the daily demands of their lives. Children in general do not receive the spiritual wisdom they need from their parents to grow and mature as divine beings in this physical realm. Parents are responsible for teaching their children true spiritual values.

Accurate teachings of true wisdom have been destroyed on this planet. This is why so much new information is pouring in from other dimensions and star systems, as well as from the Earth and her kingdoms in order to assist humanity in finding its way back to Source and Oneness. Those who destroyed the library of Alexandria in the early time of Christianity played an important role in keeping humanity in ignorance. This library contained well over 400,000 books holding much of the wisdom accumulated over eons of time and kept in sacredness to enlighten humanity. After this beautiful library was burned to the ground, humanity began to experience a “dark age” that lasted for many centuries.

Those who orchestrated the destruction of such a precious collection of spiritual wisdom and knowledge for the planet were very proud and happy with themselves at first. In their thirst for power and control they convinced themselves that they had performed an act of mercy for humanity. They sought to dim the light on the planet by depriving mankind of the very teachings that would show the way to a life of love, grace and the salvation of their souls. The destruction of those precious records created an enormous loss and set the evolution of the planet back. Those responsible for the obliteration of such treasures were instruments of the sinister forces. To this day they are reaping the karma of their actions.

( From Telos Book 2 by Aurelia) ❤